What is the Non-Citators List?

Often enough authors do not include some necessary citations into their papers as a result of an honest mistake. Mistakes such as these are inevitable. They do not necessarily portray the authors in a negative light. On the contrary, if an author has corrected the mistake by adding a post-publication citation, they have demonstrated the highest standard of scientific ethics.

Unfortunately, there are few authors who intentionally violate scientific ethics. The scientific community should know who they are. Therefore, we have created a Non-Citators List. There are two situations in which an authors’s name may be placed on this list:

  1. An author receives a suggestion to add a post-publication citation, yet does not respond trying to avoid the fact that his actions (or lack of action) may cause harm to a colleague. Note: In no way, however, is a response expressing a justifiable disagreement with a suggestion to add a post-publication citation and a publicly-available follow up discussion considered unethical and/or lead to placement on the Non-Citators List.
  2. A person who has suggested adding a post-publication citation brings the case to an Ethics Committee (usually at the institution where the author is working). The Ethics Committee finds that the author was not correct and unjustly denies a request for post-publication citation.

We hope, the Non-Citators List will remain empty forever.

IP Protection on Non-Citators List

The Non-Citators List is a patent-pending invention of ScientificCitations.org; and, it may not be used by others without written permission of the company.

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