Internship is introducing an entirely new approach to referencing scientific papers. Our internet-based system will change the professional lives of scientists across the globe and enhance their access to research funding. The online system will enable citations to be added post-publication and provide processes for suggesting, or disputing the absence of relevant references to scientific publications. is bringing our innovative referencing system into one of the most financially sustainable industries worldwide—research publishing.

We invite interns who would like to make a difference in this respected industry and also gain a start-up experience to come work with us. Our internship program empowers individuals to progress in their career from an Intern to a Senior Intern, then Manager-in-Training, and eventually a Manager. Financial compensation begins at the Manager level. Interns are expected to have some knowledge of one or more scientific disciplines and be academically savvy. Additionally, interns must possess good people and communication skills (person-to-person and via the internet). Fluency in languages is a significant plus. offers a flexible work environment. Interns will decide when and where they will work—after all it is an internet start-up : ).We will focus on your productivity, results, marketing observations and ideas, and your ability to introduce our system to the research community of any country and any scientific field you want. We will also care about fostering your career goals.

Interns will have individual weekly Skype conferences with our staff, by-weekly group Skype conferences, and unlimited access to our gurus as well as other interns. We are always here to help our interns to establish themselves and prosper.


Is this your chance to accomplish something as a first person ever? Is this your chance to establish yourself and grow from an intern to a manager?

Please complete the application form, also please send your cover letter to

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