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About us? No, this is about you!

What can you do when you read a paper and notice that the author did not reference an article that should have been referenced? Do you perhaps feel that life is unfair because the authors of an unrecognized paper will not receive their deserved credit ? Well, in such instances, it’s up to you to use ScientificCitations.org and make it fair. Just register, and help the author who did not know about the deserving paper acknowledge it by adding a post-publication citation.

The most important thing you need to know «about us» at ScientificCitations.org is that we are here to help you raise the practice of scientific referencing to a new level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the scientific community through a paradigm-shift technology that will eliminate mistakes and bias from the practice of scientific referencing.

Our Vision

The standard practice of scientific referencing does not correspond to today’s electronic reality. The explosion of electronic-based scientific papers has made it impossible for any individual author to know each and every paper which deserves to be referenced. This introduces inevitable mistakes and systematic bias into the practice of scientific referencing, which influences scientific funding, the lives of researchers, and ultimately scientific progress. We believe that this new reality demands new approach. Two major necessary changes are:

By partnering with you, the scientists and academicians, ScientificCitations.org will help make the everyday practice of scientific referencing correspond to our new reality.

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